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Iron Warrior Ator Miles O'Keeffe Conan Limited Edition Region B Blu-ray 88 Films

Iron Warrior Ator Miles O'Keeffe Conan Limited Edition Region B Blu-ray 88 Films

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The third chapter of the Italian Conan rip-off series brought to you by 88 Films!

Introducing 88 Films' Limited Edition Blu-ray release for Iron Warrior, a 1987 fantasy actioner from Alfonso Brescia (Super Stooges vs the Wonder Women). Miles O'Keeffe (Tarzan The Ape Man, Sword of the Valiant, The Lone Runner, Blade Master) returns as Ator in this thrilling adventure where he teams up with the beautiful Savina Gershak (Beyond the Door III, Curse II: The Bite, The Lone Runner) to fight with an evil sorceress and the deadly swordmaster. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: An all-region Blu-ray player is required to view this movie. Standard U.S. Blu-ray players will NOT read Region B discs. If you're looking for a reliable all-region player, we've got you covered!

Limited Edition Features:

  • Limited Edition Slipcase and Poster with art by Daniel Ibanez
  • Limited Edition booklet notes by Barry Forshaw
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation in 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio
  • 2.0 English Stereo
  • 2.0 Italian Mono with English Subtitles
  • Audio Commentary with Eugenio Ercolani and Nanni Briti
  • The Directing Producer - An Interview with Ovidio Assonitis
  • Framing the Warrior - An Interview with Adolfo Bartoli
  • Ovidio’s Henchman - An interview with Maurizio Maggi
  • Original Trailer
  • Reversible Sleeve featuring original poster artwork
Technical Specs:
  • Year: 1970
  • Region Code: B
  • Audio: DTS-HD MA 2.0
  • Picture: HD 1080p 1.66:1
  • Language: English/Italian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Runtime: 88
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