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Bruce Lee Forever

Bruce Lee: Captions Book 'Classic LayFlat' Book

Bruce Lee: Captions Book 'Classic LayFlat' Book

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Your legendary Bruce Lee collection is about to get better!

This beautifully designed masterpiece uses the world’s finest paper stock from the G. F. Smith ‘ZEN’ Collection. Each page is an astounding 300gsm to ensure the best possible image reproduction from the original negative source supplied.

The ‘ZEN COLLECTION paper stock allows vivid imagery on uncoated paper with just a hint of texture and is the crowning result of two-year experimentation by the premier paper manufacturers, G.F. SMITH.

Within this unique 40 page book is a collection of images from Lee’s time spent in Hong Kong between 1971-73.

Using the ‘Classic LayFlat’ process, every page opens flat to ensure no part of an image is compromised. Every historical image within is meticulously reproduced from the original uncropped 35mm negative source, ensuring the best quality possible, including the story and data behind every photo in both English and Chinese.

This superlative masterpiece will be limited to one hundred copies, all signed and numbered by the author making this an authentic collectable.


  • Limited Edition: Only 100 produced
  • 40 Pages of photos with detailed descriptions
  • Photos are uncropped from 35mm negative source
  • Includes a zipped neoprene fur-lined collector's bag Includes signed and numbered certificate
  • Authorized by the Bruce Lee Estate
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